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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will my banner be made from?
A. Your banner will be made from heavyweight, white paper. Because we source our materials from different suppliers, from time to time, the weight of the paper may vary, but will always be at least 140gsm.

Q. Will my banner be waterproof / weatherproof?
A. No, your banner will not be waterproof. We recommend that you keep the banner out of rain or strong wind. If you do display your banner outdoors, securing it against a wall will help to protect it from wind. Your banner can be used outdoors for a short time, however it is not designed for long-term outdoor use.

Q. How is my banner supplied to me?
A. Your banner will be delivered to you in a sturdy cardboard tube, allowing you to store your banner after your event has finished.

Q. How much does a banner cost?
A. Our banners vary in price, depending on the banner size you select, as well as the number of photos you choose to add to the banner. Discounts may apply for promotional periods or fundraising campaigns. Check the details of your chosen banner for pricing information. Postage & handling charges also apply, which are calculated at the time of checkout.

Q. How can I pay for my order?
A. We accept the following payment methods for orders:
  • bank deposit (our preferred payment method)
  • money order
  • bank cheque
  • credit card (via PayMate's online payment service) - Fees apply (see next question)
    (Visa and Mastercard accepted)
Please note that your order will not be processed until we have received cleared funds into our account, or confirmation from Paymate that your payment was successful.

Q. What fees are associated with credit card payments?
A. Whilst we endeavour to keep fees to a minimum for credit card payments, the following fees will apply to all payments made via credit card:
  • PayMate buyer fees* of $0.55 + 3.3% of the order total, for each order paid for via credit card
  • an administration fee of $3.30 per banner will apply for all refunds, where the order was originally
    paid for, via Paymate, using a credit card. Any fee amounts already paid cannot be refunded
Q. How big will my banner be?
A. Three banner sizes are available for you to choose from:
  • Small - 30cm x 140cm
  • Large - 43cm x 150cm
  • Extra Large - 55cm x 200cm
Q. What if there is a spelling mistake on my order?
A. Please check your spelling carefully when placing your order - we rely on the spelling provided on your order form when creating the layout of your banner. If you have made a spelling mistake on your order, we are unable to provide a refund if your banner has already been printed (however, if you do contact us before we have processed your order, we may be able to correct the mistake). If we have made a spelling mistake on your printed banner (that is, the spelling on your banner is different to what you provided us with), we will correct the mistake and re-issue your banner at no additional cost to you.

Q. How do I personalise my banner?
A. Personalising your banner is easy! Simply select a banner from our wide range of occasions, add it to your shopping cart, then enter your personalised details such as greeting, name, date, etc. (as applies to your selected banner). You can also choose the colours for your banner text, and even add photos to most banners. For more information, see our How To Order guide. You can also visit the Make-Your-Own banner section, where you can select the fonts, colours and pictures to make a completely customised banner.

Q. Can I put a photograph on my banner?
A. Most of our banners allow one or more of your photos to be added. When viewing banner details, the minimum and maximum number of photos allowed on a banner will be displayed. You can then choose to order the banner with your desired number of photos. Additional charges do apply for adding your own photos to banners, so check the banner price before adding to your cart, to ensure you are aware of the total price.

Q. Can I choose the fonts or pictures used on my banner?
A. For our standard range of banners, the fonts and pictures displayed on a sample banner image are the fonts and pictures that will be used for that banner. However, you can personalise the text, and the colour of the text, on each banner in the standar range, as well as add one or more photos (if your selected banner allows photos). Make-Your-Own banners allow you to customise the font for each line of text and choose from a range of different pictures (or add your own photos).

Q. Can I choose all the colours on my banner?
A. You can choose the colour for each line of text on your banner, however for our standard range of banners, the border colour will be chosen by us to best match the text colours you have chosen. Make-Your-Own banners allow you to choose a colour for each line of text AND the border.

If your selected banner (standard range or Make-Your-Own) contains any pictures or graphics, the colours for these cannot be changed. Please note that colours displayed on our web-site are indicative only and may vary slightly to your printed banner. Printed colours for personalised photos may also vary slightly to how colours appear on your computer screen.

Q. Can I cancel my order, return my banner for a refund, or get a replacement for a damaged or lost banner?
A. If your order has been processed, and your banner already printed, we are unable to cancel your order or provide a refund or replacement banner. If you are able to contact us before your order has been fully processed, we may be able to cancel your order and provide a refund (note: if you originally paid for your order via a credit card, a cancellation fee of $3.30 per banner will be deducted from your refund amount; any fee amounts already paid cannot be refunded). As per our terms and conditions, all risk of loss or damage to the goods passes to you when we despatch (post) the goods.

Q. How do I hang my banner?
A. Before fixing a banner to any surface, please check with the owner of the surface regarding their preferred method of hanging your banner. We recommend fixing your banner to a wall with a good quality "blu-tak" (or similar). This is generally the preferred method for many public venues. Avoid sticky tape as this may cause damage to the front or back of your banner, and may also damage the wall to which you are fixing the banner.

Q. How soon will I get my banner?
A. We will begin processing your order once we have received your payment (and funds have been cleared into our account) - orders take approximately 2-3 days to process plus delivery time. Delivery times vary depending on the delivery option you choose at the time of ordering and your location. To avoid disappointment, we recommend ordering your banner at least a week before your event, preferably more. We despatch from Sydney, NSW - delivery to locations in eastern states could be up to 3-4 days. Delivery to central and western states may be longer. Check with Australia Post for estimates on regular parcel delivery times. Choosing Express Post as the postage method (at the time of checkout) will ensure quicker delivery to some areas (check with Australia Post).

Q. How can I check on the progress of my order?
A. You can view your order history (including pending orders) via the Order History link, under My Account (available only when you log in). You can view your order status, payment status and any messages from us relating to your order. If we need additional information from you to allow us to complete your order, we will attempt to contact you directly via the e-mail address you entered when you created your account. If you have any questions regarding a pending (or previous) order, please feel free to Contact Us.

Q. I live outside Australia? Can I order banners from
A. No, currently we only sell and deliver banners within Australia. All our prices are shown in Australian dollars. Your delivery address must be within Australia.

Q. What do I do if I can't log in?
A. If you have previously registered, but are unable to log in to the site, you can request a reminder of your username and/or password via the Login page. If you are still unable to log in, or cannot retrieve your details, please Contact Us and we will be more than happy to help out.

Q. What if I have a question that's not answered on this page?
A. For all other questions relating to our products, please Contact Us with your query.

* Paymate buyer fees quoted are valid as at 1 September 2009, and include GST payable on the fees. Please check the Paymate web-site (buyer fees) to confirm fee amounts charged.


We've recently added some new options.
Make-Your-Own banners allow you to create your own custom banner design. Our new EXTRA-LARGE size is perfect for those who want a make a BIG party impact!

1. Party themes
2. Balloons/fireworks
3. Engagement
4. Farm animals
5. Christenings

TIP #1: You need to login before adding items to your cart. If you don't have a username already, click here to register now.

TIP #2: Add items to your cart - then you can 'personalise' your banner, by choosing your own wording and colours.

TIP #3: Check out our page of FAQs for all the info you need about our amazing party banners!
Note: banner designs shown on this site are indicative only. Actual colours, layout, size, fonts and proportions for printed banners may vary slightly.
Additionally, due to differences in the printing process, actual colours for printed banners may vary slightly to those selected during ordering.
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